Hi, let me introduce myself, I am Carol Canning, crazy tomato lady.  Heirloom tomatoes are so diverse and beautiful and delicious, who wouldn't get obsessed with them?  In 2010 I started too many tomatoes and was able to sell them at Linnton Feed and Seed and to friends. There are so many interesting varieties to try, I guess I am hooked.  This year, 2015, I have roomates, including a soon to be toddler.  My propigation space is in my living room, so I have decided it would be wise to let the toddler rule the roost this year and not tempt her with fun little pots.  We will see about 2016 and whether the Heirlloom Tomato muse calls.  
My graphic design job at DEX, the Yellow Pages, was outsourced in 2008, which gave me the opportunity to go back to school through the Trade Act.  I just earned a Certificate in Digital Publishing from Pacific Northwest College of Arts. I learned web design and updated my drawing and painting skills to illustrate the tomatoes and pappers.

I have had the good fortune to live on a ridge right above the Sauvies Island bridge since 1979.   My little hub of the universe has incredible views of Sauvies Island, Multnomah Channel, the Columbia and Willamette Rivers and four mountains, Mt. Ranier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood.  My rural neighborhood is flanked by Forest Park and the unincorporated West Multnomah hills.  Downtown Portland is only ten minutes away, making my little green .65 acre a very good place to live.   We have a village up here, my neighbors are helpful, caring and big fun. 

I bought my home in 1979 and it has grown along with my gardens. I have  12 beds.  The back 40 iis a lovely terraced area flanked by forest.  Because I live on a  North slope, I grow the tomatoes in front of my house to capture as much sun as possible . 

I raised many chickens for 10 years.  When a coyote snatched my favorite, Frenchie, I found a good home for my flock, disheartened by his demise. I have very fond memories of my chickens. One summer Audry, my Barenecked Turken, strutted out of the forest with 12 little chicks in tow, to add to the four that Veronica and Delila hatched. Some people think the Barenecked chickens are funny looking, but I told them how beautiful they were.  Frenchie was my favorite, cute little Banty who would come up and visit me in the house.  .